client reviews!

"We are a returning customer of Jaii Wave!  Isabella is punctual, provides excellent customer service, and has genuine engagement with individuals photographed to get the best return on your investment in her services. The quality of the photos and action to capture candid shots have provided a portfolio of great tools for marketing."

- Kimberly J. of Developing K.I.D.S.

"Getting pictures taken by Isabella is a great experience every time. She is patient, has great ideas, and she is really good with kids! My family and I have gone to Isabella for family photos, special event photography and even professional photos. She gets busy behind the camera and doesn't disappoint! You won't regret choosing her for your photography needs."

- Alyssa W.

"Isabella is my GO TO photographer. All of my experiences with her from the first Photoshoot to now have always went extremely well. She always knows how to make me feel comfortable during each session. She’s really well with voicing criticism, great with creating the visual you want, and she’s amazing at editing. I have chosen her for every style & shoot of mine; from portraits to lifestyle to studio shoots to branding. I love that when I book a shoot with her I get reminders for my shoots and I love that she’s great at responding. I definitely recommend Isabella for any future shoots anyone is planning."

- Cynthia L.

"Isabella is so easy to work with. She makes me feel comfortable in front of the camera so we always capture the BEST shots. She’s a creative who can adapt to whatever may go wrong during a scheduled shoot. She’s always optimistic and willing to make it work. Booking her was the best choice I made this year."

- Olivia P.

"Isabella is so professional, on time, and she makes sure you have everything you need the day of and before your event. You book with her, you will not be disappointed!"

- Denzel & Kayla W.

"Isabella is very thorough and professional - we booked her again this past fall to take outdoor photos of our children. We were blown back by the way she was able to have fun, yet exemplify patience with our toddler! She captured every moment perfectly! Her final edits and attention to detail is what keeps us coming back as loyal clients!"

- Justin & Tia M.

"Modeling for over 10 years, I have never seen someone so naturally creative and innovative with the lens. Isabella uses creative quirks, textures and lighting to give more life/personality to my photos and her final edits are the best I’ve seen. She cleans up the shot without being too obvious. Every time I have worked with Isabella it has truly been a pleasure as I use her photos for my professional business and she is the first photographer I think of when it comes to ANY project. I recommend her for any and all projects as she mixes creativity and intellect well to find the perfect shots. She has that unique eye, don’t sleep on her."

- Dejuan R.

"Working with Isabella is an experience in itself. There’s nothing dull or boring about the shoot. Every time we are together we have an amazing time. She is not a photographer that will shut you out but one that will turn your ideas into the most beautiful creations. Photography is an art, and Isabella is indeed an amazing artist."

- Azhane Y.

Freelance Portrait Photographer

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